Robyn M. Garcia began exploring visual media in elementary school in her native New York by drawing and painting. Although she continued to enjoy techniques involving pen and ink and acrylic paint through high school, she was never truly happy with her work. Continually striving for photorealism and never quite achieving it (or even coming close, for that matter), she put pen and paint aside early in her college career and instead earned a B.S. in Biology with an Emphasis in Systematics and Evolution from San Diego State University.

Robyn's career as a biologist has been varied and rewarding, and has included curatorial work in the Herpetology Department of the San Diego Natural History Museum, performing field surveys of sensitive species, and nearly 17 years working in the San Diego biotechnology community. However, throughout this time the need was building to resume pursuits of an artistic nature.

While her initial subject interests proved an extension of her background in biology, focusing on macro photography of arthropods and plants, she quickly embraced a variety of subject matter including natural and urban landscapes, horses, derelict buildings and vehicles, and portraiture. Although happiest photographing subjects that allow her to be outdoors, she has also developed a keen interest in studio photography that takes advantage of her meticulous analytical skills and fondness for technology.

She is pleased that it only took her about 30 years to realize that if she wanted photorealism, she should try picking up a camera. Robyn is now looking forward to her next epiphany, which, if she stays on track, is scheduled to occur about 27 years from now.